Intercultural Management

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Today, business people must understand not only their own cultural complexity but also the need to function effectively in culturally-diverse contexts ranging from their personal and private lives to their workplaces, and other societies, contexts and geographical regions. Further, face-to-face interactions throughout our world, using even all the various forms of digital communications, require in many situations a profound intercultural awareness and excellent communication skills. Globalization has led to a critical need for well-trained, adaptable management that can effectively interact in a variety of multicultural contexts.

Not only is intercultural competence a must for today’s leaders, but having a principled and responsible approach to doing business is increasingly expected by stakeholders of multinational corporations and organizations. Recognizing this, we have designed a program that weaves the concept of triple bottom line ethics throughout our courses. You will learn how to creatively find solutions to common business and organizational issues in ways that build both respect and long-term sustainability. Using interactive components such as case studies and online seminars, we will closely work together to help you understand best practice within a framework of accountability.

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