Spatial Information Management (Englisch)




4 Semester



SPATIAL INFORMATION MANAGEMENT is a 2 year graduate program at the School of Geoinformation. Spatial Information Management is offering a universal solution framework for many fields of application areas like Natural Hazards Risk Management, Site Potential Analysis, Infrastructure Planning, Water Resource Management or Traffic Simulation and Modeling. We educate “spatially aware” experts and professionals for the international market. Our graduates provide fast, up-to-date and accurate integration, analysis, simulation and visualization of the relevant spatial situation to stake holders and decision makers.

Our research topics cover “GIS & Decision Support”, “Location-Based Systems Solutions” and “Innovation & Technology Management”. The program is dedicated to expose students to applied research by solving real world and socially relevant problems with innovative geospatial methods and techniques. Therefore, most of the thesis projects are conducted in cooperation with our partners in public administration, academia and the private sector providing excellent international career opportunities for our graduates.

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