Medical Engineering and Analytics

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  • Dauer 4 Semester
  • Art Vollzeit

The Master degree study program ‘Medical Engineering and Analytics’ was developed with the vision and goal to meet the information technology as well as the organizational development requirements and challenges in the healthcare sector. Our students will learn to deal with these challenges through a thorough practice-oriented university education.

The core competence of the degree study program is the deepening of the fundamental understanding of the technical and organizational requirements within the information and communication technologies in the healthcare sector. Successful careers for our graduates are practically guaranteed through the acquired skill sets which can be put to use in solving the current requirements necessary in the fields of medical informatics, medical engineering and healthcare economics as well as future technical challenges.

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Überblick über den Studiengang


The Masters program is 4 semesters and is modularly designed. There is a total of 76 semester weekly hours of courses together with a master (diploma) thesis. Each semester has 15 weeks of lecture and the program starts each year in the Winter Semester (Fall Semester).

First Semester:

  • Mathematics and Medical Statistics
  • Medical Informatics I
  • Basics of Human
  • Medicine Medical Engineering

Second and Third Semesters:

  • Medical Law
  • Medical Informatics II
  • Informatics
  • Healthcare Management and Economics or Life Science Technology
  • Organizational Theory

The curriculum is designed to split into two areas of emphasis in the second and third semesters:

  • Healthcare Management and Economics
  • Life Science Technology 

The Head of the Department or Director of Studies of the Master program will decide in coordination with the students of the respective semester which area of emphasis to choose. It is currently planned to only offer one area of emphasis per group.

Fourth Semester:

  • Master Thesis

Zugangsvoraussetzungen & Studiengebühren

Engineering & IT is an unbelievably fascinating field of applied sciences. This area is characterized mainly by creativity, innovation and design. Engineering & IT is furthermore a rapidly developing area, crucial for the economic development of a region.

The students of the School of Engineering & IT should demonstrate strengths in the following areas:

  • technical understanding,
  • reasoning power,
  • good English, mathematics and computer skills,
  • creativity,
  • enjoyment of innovative developments.

The Bachelor Degree Programs of the CUAS School of Engineering & IT can generally be sought without subject-specific educational background. Lots of interest, commitment and of course the possession of a general university entrance qualification are sufficient.

  • Tuition fees: 363,36 €
  • ÖH (Austrian Student Union) fee: 20,20 €

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