Electrical Energy & Mobility Systems




4 Semester



Electrical Energy & Mobility Systems is a new Master degree program in engineering focusing on research, design and implementation of modern electrical energy, e-mobility, battery technology and electrical drive systems.

Electrical Energy & Mobility Systems graduates are able to understand, develop and modify complex technical systems in the fields of electric power train development, drive control, electrical machines, mobile power electronics, battery technology, power electronics, alternative energy systems and mobility concepts.

Course Information

Students acquire detailed knowledge of electrical power & drive systems, power electronics, mobile energy storage, energy systems, automotive controls, mobility systems, and automotive logistics. These qualifications allow graduates to take up leading positions in research and development in a variety of fields.

Specialist Areas 

The first semester, well combined with the Master degree programs of Systems Design and Biomimetics in Energy Systems, is followed by two semesters of specialisation on above mentioned topics. In the fourth semester the Master thesis will be written in conjunction with a work placement. On completing the final examination after four semesters, students are awarded the Master of Science in Engineering, MSc.

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